ExcelMark A5260 Dater


The ExcelMark A5260 Dater offers a high-quality, convenient solution for your dating needs. A self-inking mount features a double-sided ink pad to provide you with thousands of crisp impressions, while an open bottom design helps with precise impression placement. This stamp features rotating band wheels to quickly adjust the day, month, and year. Features twelve years of dates. To flip over the ink pad: Push the stamp down and press in the side red buttons to lock it into place. Locate ink pad handle at the back of the stamp. Grasp the ink pad by the handle, pull it out, turn it over, and re-insert. Push up the bottom of the stamp to unlock.

  • Rectangle self-inking mount
  • 1" by 1-3/4" impression area
  • Features 12 years of dates
SKU: A5260