Name Badges

Building a long lasting relationship begins with a name and name badges from Schwaab are the professional way to develop customer relationships and loyalty. Name Badges provide a variety of benefits to your business and customer experience.

New Name Badge Photo

Our experienced representatives can help design a badge program that builds credibility, maintains brand consistency and makes your first impression a memorable one. Schwaab offers a variety of customization options including colors, sizes and finishes plus name badge accessories to promote events and recognize employees.

Builds Corporate Identity

By adding your logo to every employee badge, you contribute to your corporate branding and advertising efforts.

Helps Employees Communicate

Name Badges allow employees in different departments to identify one another.

Identifies Employees to Customers

Name Badges make it easy for customers to identify employees when assistance and customer service is needed and provides accountability for behavior.

Provides Security

Name Badges provide an extra level of security at your business since it is easy to identify company employees.