EZ-Seal Hand Held Notary Embosser
1" X 2"

SKU: EM003-N

EZ-SEAL Embossers Feature a Revoluntionary Mechanism that makes Embossing Quality Images Easier than Ever! 
  • Create embossed images with minimal effort
  • Emboss multiple sheets at one tiime
  • Emboss up to 80 lb. paper with ease
  • Handles are interchangeable with existing Schwaab embosser clips
  • Size:  1" x 2" 

California & Oregon: 
By law, you MUST MAIL your original "Certificate of Authorization to Obtain or Manufacture a Seal" BEFORE we can manufacture your Notary Stamp.

You must send a copy of your Notary Certificate before we can manufacture your Notary Stamp.

    Notary Name 
    Notary Exp Date
    Commission Number
    Notary ID #
    Notary City/Town
    Acting in the County of
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